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  • GOALS for Girls Summer Leadership Conference
    12 Aug 2016 10:00 am - 11:00 am
    Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, New York

    GOALS for Girls offers year-long experiences to enable young women to ignite their passion for science, learn about exciting opportunities, and establish a network of like-minded people toward college and career-readiness.

    Kelly is pleased to join the Intrepid Museum on the GOALS for Girls Summer Intensive graduation day. On this day of celebration, Kelly will explore strategies with the girls on how they can begin creating connections and build a solid foundation towards a successful career in STEM.

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Royal Assent
December, 2015

Recognition of Lovell's work has now received royal assent with the Queen’s Young Leaders Award for 2016. This award recognizes youth who are taking the lead to transform the lives of others and are making a lasting difference. Read her response

YOU Effect Podcast Launches
January, 2016

YOU Effect launches 900+ minutes of stories of passion and wisdom from celebrities and industry leaders with a new podcast series. Subscribe now for entertainment with an inspiring twist.

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The Kelly Effect™
As a Canadian motivational figure, Kelly frequently speaks at groundbreaking events focused on entrepreneurship, leadership and social change.
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If I were to define my life with one word, it would be passion; I believe it's the driving force behind everything I do, but more importantly the essence of how I help individuals find success in life. I invite you to be a part of my quest for global change and inspiration.

- Kelly Lovell

Youth Motivational Coach and CEO of The Kelly Effect TM.

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