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Success is a story waiting to be written by those that dare to pick up a pen and pursue their ambitions with passion.

~ Kelly Lovell, Motivational Coach
Kelly Lovell – Youth Motivational Coach

Kelly helps you discover your inner potential and gives you the tools to write your own success story.

Book Kelly Lovell for one-on-one coaching sessions. Whether you are a young leader trying to build skills and find your passions; an aspiring entrepreneur working to bring your ideas to market or a seasoned professional seeking enhanced motivation or shifting career directions towards a passion project, Kelly Lovell is ready to help you succeed. Committed to helping you achieve your ambitions, Kelly will work with you to develop a proactive action plan which is tailored to your personality and your interests.

Want to differentiate as a leader, advance your career or find clarity in your goals?

Kelly Lovell is one of North America's few Talent Dynamics Consultants specialized in helping leaders accelerate confidence and personal success. Take the Talent Dynamics test to learn your natural talents, leadership strengths, ideal career pathways, stress triggers and more! Kelly also holds a specialization in Talent Dynamics for Young People, a tailored personal development pathway to help students gain clarity of their talents and identify the best path for success to achieve academic or professional goals. Learn More


I am quite inspired! Kelly’s passions are also my passions, reading about your beliefs in individuals is like seeing the very words that would come tumbling out of my heart. I am 31 and live on Vancouver Island. Went to art school, lived in the Netherlands for a year, and work at a few various things but am working towards what she describes here. I have always been quite shy so I think my biggest obstacle would be being bold enough. Kelly has inspired me to break out of this ‘mold'.
Devon, Professional
Kelly is the exact breath of fresh air that I truly needed to stumble upon during my difficulties.Her passion is beautiful & I have read a few of her articles in the Huff Post (really loved the "Think Beyond the Dollar) and I have since printed them out and placed them on my Wall of Affirmations. I completely agree with her beliefs about passion, and Kelly has inspired me deeply to chase my passions and stop caring about what society has conditioned me to believe: ‘But what if I am not experienced enough?’. Kelly is an incredible motivational coach!
Bianca, Aspiring Entrepreneur
I have been off work for some time now due to physical debilitating illnesses. I went from being a busy single mom running a successful business to one who is now living off social assistance. For weeks I have been looking for jobs. After being inspired by Kelly, this week I have found the courage to take the plunge. Start my own consulting company working from my home office; my schedule, my goals, stop making money for other business owners and start making money helping business owners. Kelly’s contagious passion coupled with wisdom beyond her years helps professionals like me find personal success.
Shari, Professional
As an extremely motivated and passionate person myself, I’ve encountered many challenges in my pursuit to make a difference and be heard. Like many young leaders, I had previously struggled with accomplishing my dreams because the societal means to achieve them were limited. Kelly has opened a new door that bridges this gap, allowing for youth to be active and heard. By far, the best action I have taken in my journey so far was contacting Kelly a year ago to inquire about her work and getting involved. Immediately I knew I had found the perfect opportunity for me. Under Kelly I have grown exceptionally as both a person and a leader. I have been given amazing opportunities to develop myself and my skills. I believe there is a certain fire that exists within genuinely passionate and driven people, and Kelly is burning with it. Not only does she have the most gracious and caring disposition, but I truly believe her mission has what it takes to inspire real change. Being mentored by Kelly has become a huge part of my life, and I am so grateful and proud to be working with her.
Nikki, Student at University of Alberta

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