Kelly Lovell –Youth Mobilizer and Motivational Coach



It is said the simple flutter of butterfly wings can set off a storm a world away….enlist The Kelly Effect™ to help you spread your wings and soar!

Under The Kelly Effect™, Kelly Lovell provides award-winning motivational speaking and coaching services for personal and professional development. Her eclectic mix of entrepreneurial and leadership endeavors, mixed with diverse motivational speaking events provide essential insights needed for individuals and companies alike to take their passionate ideas and cultivate successful impact.

Kelly’s work attracts enthusiastic people from different walks of life, presenting creative ways to engage communities in volunteerism, sponsored events and leadership. In everything she does, Kelly Lovell is dedicated to leaving a ripple effect of inspiration and community impact.

Motivational Speaking Coaching


Kelly may be an ordinary girl with a simple and humble upbringing but you can be rest assured, she is committed to making an extraordinary difference in the world around her.

Joanne, Canaccord Genuity

I am a Management Psychologist who has spent 30 some years measuring the attributes of successful senior executives and I have seen Kelly exhibit them all.Like the best leaders, Kelly has a clear and explicit vision of what she wants to achieve---the end game. This is combined with a mastery of the current information associated with an initiative. Moreover she has the ability to communicate her vision, thereby inspiring others and mobilizing their energy. She is equally adept strategizing with senior executives or advising a student who needs focus.

Walter Noe, PhD

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