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All great leaders start out the same; simple people with a passion. It’s what you do with this passion that determines your success

~ Kelly Lovell, Youth Mobilizer and Motivational Coach.

As one of North America’s top Motivational Speakers, Kelly Lovell frequently speaks at events related to social change, leadership, personal development, entrepreneurship, marketing and youth mobilization. These are invitations that Kelly accepts with great enthusiasm.

Kelly’s keynotes resonate with individuals from all walks of life. As an influential mentor, Kelly has served on international leadership platforms, advocated for minority voices, worked to address global social issues and participated in dignitary round tables. Her talks centre upon self-discovery, empowerment and leadership development.

Kelly's motivational speaking services offer a variety of presentation styles to meet your needs. Kelly can be booked for stadium presentations, school keynotes, Master of Ceremonies, leadership training, corporate conferences and custom workshops.

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Why do Kelly's messages resonate with youth?
She is "one of them".

As an overachiever, Kelly is no stranger to the pressures of excelling as a teen. Add her history of being bullied, self-esteem struggles, developing a voice as a student leader and now navigating the corporate world as a young person, Kelly can relate to peers on many levels.
Kelly inspires her peers to find their voice, overcome obstacles, discover their passions and become independent community leaders.
Entrepreneurs & Professionals
As a serial entrepreneur with five businesses spanning diverse industries of technology, media, marketing, education and communications, Kelly brings a cross-sector perspective to her audiences.
Having had to wear many hats in her various entrepreneurial endeavours, Kelly understands startup life first hand, and what is needed to bring ideas into fruition.
Kelly empowers professionals with tools to mold their ideas, overcome common entrepreneurial pitfalls and develop solutions to get their messages heard.
Organizations & Brands
Kelly is a Youth Mobilizer and Millennial Engagement Expert that helps organizations build loyal consumers and engaged employees.

Marrying her exuberant, youthful spirit with proven professional strategies, Kelly guides audiences in creating meaningful connections with their market.

A recognized thought leader with 300,000+ monthly impressions among target audiences, Kelly provides valuable insight to help you engage young consumers as well as how to attract and retain them as talent.

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We brought together 100 leading professional women to hear Kelly speak. Takeaways expressed by attendees after her talk included:

  • Courage, confidence, limits – I am leaving here with a voice
  • More confidence as a leader
  • A spark to ignite a more successful volunteer database
  • To be confident (appear/act) even if I don’t fit.
  • Thank you so much for inspiring me and helping me grow. I feel like I have learned tools to accomplish my goals and aim higher than I did before.
Barbara Aubie, Coordinator, Leadership for Girls & Young Women Project, Support to Single Parents Inc.

Passion is the driving force behind everything Kelly does. Whether it’s impacting millions of people through her motivational talks, initiatives to engage leaders or empowering young people to find their voice, Kelly lives each and every day shining her light on those around her. She takes great joy in igniting a spark of confidence in the young minds of youth across the globe.

Joanne, Executive, Canaccord Genuity

Kelly was mentioned 29 times as someone who inspired them in our event feedback forms. These were some of the comments: 'Kelly Lovell was amazing' 'She followed her passion and showed us the possibilities of doing the same.' 'She is self-made.' 'Passion is everything.' 'Kelly was great.' 'Kelly was so awesome!' 'Kelly's speech was very motivating.' 'Kelly really did (inspire), with everything she did.'

Barbara Aubie, Coordinator, Leadership for Girls & Young Women Project, Support to Single Parents Inc.

I personally enjoyed Kelly's presentation at the ZOOM Business & Entrepreneurship Career Day, it was very much directed to the students in terms of using stories they can relate to. Often times presenters speak above the students heads, but Kelly was very personable and came across as genuinely passionate about empowering youth to strive for excellence, follow their passions and reach for their dreams.

Anton Milardovic, Teacher, St. Benedict CSS

Kelly’s presentation style is very poised and your message captured the attention of the room best of the morning's speakers in my opinion - I enjoyed hearing the gasp and chuckles when you joked that millennials are now entering their thirties and are basically old news ;) Her point of view is refreshing and it was great to hear it first hand.

Navin Chand, Principal PM Microsoft

One of the real eye openers for me was seeing that the values of today’s high achieving young talent are far from the traditional executive we know. Kelly’s expertise on managing and getting the most out of the youngest is so relevant for corporate leaders at every level

Nancy, Marketing Hall of Legends Winner & Past Co-Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather

We wanted to follow up to thank Kelly for visiting the Fall program last weekend. Our participants have been scheduling coffees and emailing each other since the program ended and some of the credit has to go to Kelly's great talk.

Kelly's enthusiasm to share her experiences was palpable and our (emerging) entrepreneurs left her talk with a better sense of the hard work and great rewards that entrepreneurs can achieve. Please give her our thanks and appreciation!

Nelson Igunma, Co-founder, 3 Day Start-Up New York

Kelly in hopes that her motivating words would help inspire more youth to take an active role in the protection and enhancement of their local environment. She did not disappoint! Kelly spoke from the heart – connecting with the audience by sharing the defining moments in her life that fueled her passion for youth engagement. Her message of believing in oneself and striving for positive change resonated with the youth and enlightened them on the true meaning of community volunteerism and engagement.

Jill Kelly, Project Manager, Evergreen

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