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Resources & Products

Resources & Products

Browse Kelly’s merchandise for inspirational gifts, leadership tools and upcoming books or download her latest resources. Download new insights on Millennials and Gen Z or find resources for personal success and entrepreneurship. Looking for more? Connect with Kelly in the mentorship hub or contact her today.


25/8 Lifestyle Guide

25/8 Lifestyle Guide

  • Join the waitlist to be the first to know the release of Kelly’s first book the 25/8 Lifestyle Guide. The ultimate guide and goal planner for those who just never has enough time in their days to accomplish their goals.
  • Learn to efficiently juggle three projects or life roles simultaneously
  • Access proven productivity strategies to get the most done in your days AND still have room for time to enjoy life.
  • 24 hour planner to accommodate any life schedule and individual work preferences.

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Mobile Apps

My Effect™  Volunteer App

My Effect™ Volunteer App

Upgrade your volunteering to the 21st century

My Effect™ is a free app that let’s you keep track of your volunteer hours - it’s 100% verified and easy to use for both volunteer coordinators and volunteers.

No more lost signatures, less paperwork and volunteers can even EARN rewards.

Measure your community impact and turn work into play with rewards!


YOU Effect™ Podcast

Download entertainment with an inspiring twist!

YOU Effect is positive media platform for aspiring leaders. Through meaningful media projects including film, celebrity interviews and periodic publications, we work to empower a generation of change.

Listen to stories of passion and wisdom from celebrities and industry leaders with YOU Effect's podcast. Benefit from over 900 minutes of inspiration and leadership insights!

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