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On behalf of the peer marketers’ group, please accept our sincere thanks for Kelly's thoughtful and thought-inspiring discussion with us yesterday.
At the end-of-day wrap-up, everyone agreed Kelly's presentation was the best. Not only did she help us better understand our challenge but she left us with some real nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to face that challenge – and make it an opportunity.
Kelly was attentive to our needs and understanding of our limits. I look forward to working with her again soon to make our youth and Millennial marketing authentic and effective! 
Kate Neff, VP Marketing
She [Kelly] seeks out challenges and puts her heart and soul into her work. It was a pleasure for me to introduce Kelly at our televised council meeting. It speaks of her worthiness that the Mayor, Doug Craig, readily agreed to her introduction. I wholly support Kelly, as I know she will be a credit to your organization
Donna, Councillor, City of Cambridge
She [Kelly] has already been a great advocate for youth, giving us feedback and helping us develop our communications so they better respond to youth needs and interests. Kelly has demonstrated keen enthusiasm and willingness to take on an idea with vim and vigor! Her track record has shown her commitment to fulfilling her responsibilities.
Diane, Director of Community Engagement, Volunteer Action Centre
Dynamic, Intelligent, Inspiring, Passionate ... just a few words I would use to describe this progressive woman. Her ideas for empowering youth, engaging communities, and designing corporate sponsorships to help youth fill a growing need of community action toward environmental and social sustainability is exciting and do-able. What a great talent we have in Canada in Kelly.
Tim, Managing Partner, Peerpoint Consulting
For her innovative contribution to her community and her devotion to enhancing the volunteer sector, Kelly has truly earned the title of Change The World Youth Ambassador. Kelly Ann Lovell is the volunteer of the future - a visionary leader who has used technology to promote volunteering in her community
Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Ontario
Kelly single handedly helped us design and launch an inter-school competition that encouraged youth to search our website as part of the Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge sponsored by the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship. We broke records of engagement with more than double our participant goal.
Director of Community Engagement, KW Volunteer Action Centre
If wisdom and the powerful ideas to inspire richer social and consumer engagement is what you are looking for, Kelly Lovell is the woman you should hire. Kelly's message resonates with young and old. Her manner was always professional. I look forward to working with Kelly again.
Jennifer, Co-Organizer of the London Community Festivals
As evidenced [from her work & variety of achievements], Kelly is an exceptional young woman who has made a big impression on me and my team in a relatively short time. I recommend her without reservation.
Mike, Partner, KPMG

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