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Finding your Flow is like skiing. You can climb up the mountain to reach your success; but, it's much less work & more enjoyable to successfully ski down!

Find Your Flow

Flow is your path of least resistance to success. Flow enables you to perform at your peak: it is following your natural rhythm to get tasks done efficiently and effectively; knowing how to work with your strengths and struggles; and most importantly, it is understanding how to be your most productive YOU! When you are in Flow, you not only love what you are doing, you are also at your happiest.

Enlist Kelly Lovell to help you find your flow with Talent Dynamics, the world's #1 personal development pathway that stems from a 5,000 year-old Chinese system of thinking known as I-Ching. Brought to Carl Jung in 1919, this same thinking was used to pioneer psychometric testing in the West and has laid the foundation for majority of personality assessments used today.

Kelly Lovell is the World's Youngest Talent Dynamics Consultant and one of the few in the world to hold a specialization in Talent Dynamics for Young People -- a customized pathway built for accelerating confidence and self-worth among young professionals. Kelly's unique expertise paired with her youthful energy make her an unparalleled fit for both young and corporate clients alike.

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Are you struggling with your future?

Get clarity to advance your academics and professional growth.

Talent Dynamics for Young People is the #1 personal development pathway for students, focused upon identifying your natural talents.

Explore aligned school majors and career roles that best match your skills. Learn from like-minded role models and develop a custom roadmap to achieve your goals.

Leadership Teams
Are you operating as a high performance team?

Build trust and team culture.

Learn each member's talent profile and how they interact to create a team blueprint. Learn your team’s collective strengths and identify skill gaps.

Gain constructive strategies to enhance productivity, boost morale, and accelerate team success by leveraging each other’s strengths.

Are you leveraging your full potential?

Accelerate work-life satisfaction and success with Talent Dynamics.

Identify your strengths and, more importantly, what is blocking you from achieving your goals. Uncover your top-trusted skills and how they can advance your career.

Gain strategies to boost your energy, strengthen your work relationships, and grow as a leader to better embrace your natural talents.

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I was pleasantly surprised by my Talent Dynamics consultation, as I have taken a few professionalization tests before (i.e. Myers Briggs & DiSC). Differing from these other self-evaluation tests, Talent Dynamics centered on my work-value and strategies I could employ to make use of my strengths. As a Creator, that is, an “ideas-person” who tends to multi-task and move from one project to the next quite quickly, I found Kelly’s suggestions to be particularly useful. For example, my profile-type tends to have difficulty with sticking to one task, and so we worked on ways I could make “mini-projects” out of my workload so that I stay on track.
I recommend Kelly to any individual, team, or organization looking to strengthen their productivity and self-knowledge. She is professional, knowledgeable, and truly invested in bringing out the best in her clients.
Ivonka B, Young Professional
Our Talent Dynamics result was amazing. It really helped the team identify where everybody’s skills were, how we could all help each other and what we needed to do to fill the gaps.
For anyone wanting to have a high- performing team - this is an absolute must! Highly recommended.
Julie Stevens, Board of Trustees
Talent Dynamics is an effective team building tool I recommend to all HR Managers.
The team profile allowed me to map out our team's collective skills and identify areas of weakness. I found this particularly helpful when I was recruiting to fill a new role on my team. Talent Dynamics helped me identify the key talents I needed to search for in candidates in order to balance out the strengths of my existing team.
Since our Talent Dynamics consultation, my team morale and productivity has flourished.
Sam R, Director of Human Resources
Talent Dynamics was probably the best executive team training activity our council has done thus far.
It helped each of our executives gain a better understanding of their individual leadership strengths, but more importantly, it gave us a collective overview of our team's overall strengths.  This was invaluable as it identified our skill gaps and potential conflict areas as well as showed us how to delegate work according to everyone's natural talents.
After our session, our council has renewed motivation in each of our roles and enhanced confidence to lead our student body in a successful year!
Brett H, Student Council President
As a small business owner you tend to wear many hats which doesn’t serve you or your business. Talent Dynamics helped me identify my strengths, give me enormous clarity and teach me how to create ‘flow’ within my business. My consultation also showed me ways to increase productivity and revenue through added value and leverage.
What an ‘eye-opener’ and such a valuable tool; I can’t thank you enough. If you don’t have ‘flow’ in your life/business, I highly recommend book a Talent Dynamics consultation!
Karen W, Small Business Owner
On behalf of the peer marketers’ group, please accept our sincere thanks for Kelly's thoughtful and thought-inspiring discussion with us yesterday.
At the end-of-day wrap-up, everyone agreed Kelly's presentation was the best. Not only did she help us better understand our challenge but she left us with some real nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to face that challenge – and make it an opportunity.
Kelly was attentive to our needs and understanding of our limits. I look forward to working with her again soon to make our youth and Millennial marketing authentic and effective! 
Kate Neff, VP Marketing
I love how Talent Dynamics focuses on what you offer rather than who you are supposed to be. I always disliked personality tests as they never quite aligned with who I am. I would relate to only select traits of a profile and always would find areas that did not describe me. Talent Dynamics described me to a tee!
Parts of me I never really understood before became clear. Why I couldn't finish certain types of tasks, certain stress triggers, all of these were explained by my Talent Dynamics profile. Best of all Kelly helped me to develop strategies that addressed my struggles so I could succeed better in my work!
Jason S, University Student

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